Brow Specialist Brisbane

If the eyes are the window to the soul. Eye brows are the beautiful frame that enhance them.

Without obvious, tidy brows we can look washed out and, heavens forbid, we could even look much older than our age…….NOOOOO!!!!

Perfect brows will change your entire face. It’s worth while to get them right!

Behold, Professional Brow Specialist Maree Andersen’s Brow Taming Tips and Poni Cosmetics ultimate cheat sheet for perfect brows.

Brow Specialist Tips – Always work with your face shape

Brows aren’t a trend setting kind of deal. As much as we all want Cara Delevingne’s luxuriant bold brows, it just isn’t on the table for us all. To wear the perfect brow you will need some professional styling!

Seek an experienced Brow studio (Soho Skin Rejuvenation in Brisbane) to get your brows expertly styled by a Brow Specialist to suit your face shape. Rebook with the same Brow Specialist for every visit so they can ensure your brow styling is on track. Your brow tidy appointments should be spaced 4 weeks apart. So rebook your appointments in advance to get a reminder message. This way you wont be tempted to tweeze. Don’t tweeze at home. Ever!!!

  • Round face – Create a high, gradual arch following a straight line to the peak of the brow as this will help open up your face. Avoid a rounded / curved eyebrow shape.
  • Square face –  Square faces can pull off a more angled brow (or S shape) but steer clear of thin brows and elongate the line to avoid a ‘short’ brow.
  • Heart shaped face – A lower arch works with heart shapes. Even a straight brow works well for this face shape. Don’t go too high with the arch or you’ll really lengthen the face. For perfect brows keep the curves to a soft, gradual arch.
  • Oval face – If you have this balanced face shape, lucky you! You can pull off the classic full, softly angled brow beautifully.

Round, short clown brows are never in! Go to a Brow Studio to have them fixed if this is you.

Follow the 3 universal brow rules

No matter the shape of your face, there are 3 golden rules to follow when defining your perfect eyebrows.

  • Rule 1 – The arch peak of your brow – whether it be sharp & angular or curved & soft – should be around two thirds of the way along your brow line, never in the centre.
  • Rule 2 – Find the right place to start your brow. Lay an eyebrow pencil vertical along your nose – the point where it reaches the bridge of your nose is where the brow should begin.
  • Rule 3 –  Get the tail right. Place an eyebrow pencil in a line from the outer side of your nostril to the outer corner of your eye. This is the ideal ending point for your brow.

Brush your brows up

Using a clean, dry spoolie. Brush your brows upward as it makes them look fuller and gives them more texture. This creates a ‘feathered’ appearance – natural looking, fine hair strokes that you can’t achieve if you brush sideways.

You can fill in the gaps more easily when brows are brushed upwards.

Choose your eyebrow makeup

Pencil, Powder or Creme? Perhaps a mix ‘n’ match combination? The eyebrow makeup you choose is essential for nailing a immaculate arch.

  • Eyebrow pencils for beginners are perfect for natural looking brows with softly defined arches. Eyebrow pencil also makes a great base for brow powder to be applied over the top.
  • Brow powder works well to filling in those sparse gaps. If your brows are in pretty great shape naturally, you may just need a little eyebrow powder to fill some gaps. Brow powder also adds volume to your natural hair, plus works over the top of eyebrow pencil to add texture.
  • Eyebrow creme is a quick way to fill in sparse brows for a natural look. Avoid cremes if you skin is really oily. If you’re already sporting a set of thick, lush brows, creme will create a bolder, more glamorous look. Use a brow brush for a precise creme application.

Using a natural looking eyebrow makeup

If you’ve chosen a brow powder or creme,  choose a colour that is the same shade as your brows or slightly darker.

When a brow pencil is your choice, go for one shade lighter than your hair for a softer look; unless you’re fair. In this instance, go a little darker with the shade as slightly darker brows will frame your face. Whereby, enhancing your eyes and make you look younger.

Still stressed about your brow shade? Alternatively, the Poni Brow Magic is a universal brow pencil to solve all your colour issues – one colour suits all. Fantastic.

Start lightly in the centre

Perfect eyebrows aren’t a block of colour, so when it comes to shading, go for a gradually deepening effect.

Begin by applying your brow makeup to the lower part of the arch, and build the colour out from there. Moreover, move upward and out, where the colour should taper off in the centre and upper brow. The Poni Brow Duo Powder will help you achieve a natural looking effect.

Add a little highlighter

Creating a tidy, groomed brow apply highlighter under the brow bone. Hence, a soft, natural tone will help define the brow line without looking out of place. How about trying Poni Brow Pop Hightlighter which works well when applied with the angled end of a Pro Brow Brush.

Set with a clear brow gel

Finish be setting those perfect brows in place with a brow gel. Continue to gently brush the eyebrow gel spoolie up over the brows to set your arches and keep them looking perfect all day!

Stand back and admire

After you have finished, step back a few feet and survey your brow artistry. Consequently giving you some perspective on how your brows fit in with your entire face and the rest of your makeup look.

Need more hair growth? Thicken your brows naturally

If like me you were not blessed with thick and luxuriant brow there is some hope. Inserting a Lash And Brow Growth Serum into your routine boosts brow thickness and deepens your brow colour. Therefore, naturally filling in those bare patches and hardly there hairs that really annoy you.

Need some expert brow and skin advice?  Why not give us a call on 1300 21 7646 or if you live in Brisbane. You can make a brow appointment with one of our Brow Specialists at Soho Skin Rejuvenation, Level 2, Westfield Chermside near the cinemas.