Skin health is our passion.  

Helping a person regain their confidence through transforming their skin is an honour and a privilege that we take seriously.

At Soho Skin Management you will discover that traditional beauty, total body nutrition and cutting edge medical aesthetics can be artfully combined in a bespoke skin health program to deliver the most luxurious and effective facial & body treatments you have ever experienced.

Our directing Para-Medical Skin Therapist, Maree Andersen, is renowned globally for a meticulous eye for detail, dedication to luxurious super facials and an in depth knowledge of skin functions, laser technologies & product ingredients.

Certified in Skin Therapy, Nutrition, Aromatherapy, Reflexology and Non Invasive Laser Technologies means that Maree’s customized laser facials are a unique 5 star experience.

Rosacea treatment in Brisbane
Soho Skin Rejuvenation has been nurturing Rosacea skins and providing professional Rosacea Treatment for over 10 years. Our skin care Therapists will guide you through a professional holistic treatment and home care plan to provide you with lasting results.