Press Reviews

* Thank you for the stunning reviews!  It was a pleasure to take care of these lovely people.

Denice H-C of Weekend Notes


* “I would highly recommend this to anyone who wanted to treat themselves, heal problem skin, or is looking to give a total rejuvenation gift to that special someone. Brisbane’s best kept secret is in Wavell Heights, just a short 15 min drive from the Brisbane CBD” 

“Maree, is a para-medical skin therapist and facialist, who over the years has designed many amazing skin treatments, dedicated to improving the health, look and feel of your skin, whilst providing a total pampering experience. She has treated local celebrities and prominent Brisbane personalities because she’s known for getting amazing results.”

“I approached the mirror and was pleasantly surprised. My skin was as smooth as a baby and beautifully white and clear. This was honestly the most amazing facial I’ve ever had. I had instantly lost one or two tiny crowsfeet around my eyes, and my skin was just so smooth.”

Samantha MacKenzie of BrisCity Lifestyle

Beauty Blogger

* “I 100% recommend booking in with Maree for a facial. She is one of the best, most qualified in Brisbane. She will ask you what you need for your skin and find the best way to give the results. 

Maree worked really well in making sure she did what was best for my skin. I left the spa looking and feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. My skin wasn’t red or irritated, it looked fresh and felt absolutely amazing. The products used contained the best ingredients to reach deeper into the skin layers and really work. I avoided makeup and washing my face for 24 hours just to let my skin breathe and keep the skincare applied working.

Thank you so much to Soho Skin Management for the beautiful treatment. I adore your spa and can’t wait to come back for another facial soon!”



Sarah Foote of Bows & Pleats

Beauty Blogger

* You can only read so many blogs, and watch so many Youtube videos before you should go have your skin assessed by a professional and get a consultation. 

Although information over the internet like my blog may give you a starting point, everyone’s skin is different, and what works for one person may not work for you. It’s important to talk to someone about your skincare concerns so they can suggest products that will work with your specific skin type.

If you live in Brisbane, one of the nicest beauty clinics I’ve ever visited is Soho Skin Management, who have ultra friendly staff and professional services for every skincare condition.

Louise Wedgewood of Weekend Notes


” Synergy Awakening Facial” 

It’s the epitome of pampering and honestly, the most luxurious and effective facial I’ve ever had.

On arrival, I’m warmly ushered into a peaceful anteroom to complete the typical comprehensive new client form. With this withdrawal from the bustling shopping centre into the peace of the salon. I immediately start to relax.

The natural timber and matte grey interior are in keeping with Soho’s clinical approach that retains a day spa aesthetic. Soho describes itself as: “Where European spa luxury meets state of the art clinical results”.

Apart from a vague feeling of warmth from the LED lamp, I don’t feel a thing from this completely gentle process. While the light does its thing, I’m treated to a skillful hand, arm, foot and lower leg massage. Ahhhh.

*Please note: There are no guarantees.  Results may vary from person to person.