LED Light Therapy

LED Light therapies are the quickest & most non-invasive way to improve skin texture & tone or repair acne & scarring. LED light therapy facials are fast becoming the most sort after skin treatment due to the multi faceted benefits to the skin and the reduction of stress levels the time out gives to our clients. When asked the secret to celebrities looking so fresh, regular bi-weekly LED light therapy is the usual answer.*

With our quiet and tranquil location in Sunshine Coast, Noosa, Castaways Beach you can now enjoy our value packed LEDlounge memberships to illuminate your complexion and restore the youthful skin health you crave. All it takes is 2 – 3 short 20 min sessions of LED per week to see the long term benefits emerge before your very eyes.

Non Invasive Age Reversal*
Only one month to see the difference.*
Target Rosacea, Psoriasis, Sundamage or Acne.*
Anti Stress Relaxation
Light therapies improve your mood.
Target the source of cellular aging & skin imbalance.*
Clinical Skin Correction
High performance clinical grade LED.*
Adding Dermal Boosters stimulate a faster result.*

LED Lounge

LED light therapy is the use of specific light frequencies to effect a positive change in the skin. Each colour has it’s own unique properties and when used in conjunction with skin peels and dermal boosters, LED light therapy will progressively transform the skin into a vision of health, with no discomfort or downtime.*

The best results come from regular visits as accumulation of LED exposure will speed up your desired results. Our LEDlounge membership packages offer affordable results for those who can visit our Sunshine Coast, Noosa, Castaways Beach Facial Spa in the Garden up to 3 times per week.

LEDlounge | LED Collagen Bed Membership - 3 months

The quick, gentle and easy way to flawless looking skin.

Up to 3 x 20 min sessions per week

Recurring weekly payments of $130.00

  • For Full Body LED Red and LED Infrared Treatment we advise that you arrive with clean skin and no sunscreen or makeup applied.
  • For Face Only LED Blue Acne Treatment we cleanse your skin, set your 20 min LED treatment & apply a tinted BB cream as you leave.

For anyone who just wants to try the membership out for a month.

Up to 3 x 20 min sessions per week 

Recurring weekly payments of $161.30.

  • For Full Body LED Red and LED Infrared Treatment we advise that you arrive with clean skin and no sunscreen or makeup applied.
  • For Face Only LED Blue Acne Treatment we cleanse your skin, set your 20 min LED treatment & apply a tinted BB cream as you leave.

Terms and Conditions

*Up to 3 LEDexpress sessions per week. For individuals only. Memberships are not transferable to other people and are not transferable for cash. Results may vary from person to person. Terms & conditions apply to all LEDlounge memberships.

LED Blue will kill P Acne bacteria (face only LED) while LED Infrared (full body) will tighten the skin, speed up healing and relax tense muscles and LED Red (full body) will decongest, hydrate and detoxify the skin.*

LED Light Therapy Facials

Our a la carte LED light therapy medispa facial menu offers a results driven & luxurious escape from your day. Inspired by classic European style and influenced by familiar restful experiences you will be whisked away to a state of utter relaxation that stimulates the senses, enlivens the complexion & helps correct annoying skin concerns all in one sitting.*

A new dawn awaits blotchy, pigmented skin.<br>

In this facial Melasma, dyschromia, sun spots & surface pigmentation is brightened & clarified with fruit acids, dermal boosters and melanin balancing LED light therapy to reveal a fresher, clearer & more radiant skin.

The ultimate party glow facial & a favourite with our Soho VIP’s.<br>

Your skin will come to life with a bespoke multi-layered cocktail of buffing, peeling, collagen booster infusing, LED light therapy & spa massage restoration. The final result is your skin glows with a renewed light & vigor, as if from within & lasts for weeks. Recommended by Weekend Notes.

Soho’s non-blood version of the Vampire Facial.<br>

An ultra refining, re-texturizing medispa facial treatment combining collagen induction therapy, epidermal growth factor stem cell infusion & a soothing clinical peptide masque treatment under LED to achieve a smooth, refined and luminous complexion. Perfect for correcting skins with large pores, pitted or raised acne scarring, coarse skin texture, sun damage, fine lines and wrinkles.

Did you know LED White light will relax muscles and relieve migraines or period pain?*
LED light therapy brisbane
No, not at all. In fact you will only feel a little warmth from the light diodes over your skin. It is the most relaxing medi treatment you could possibly have.
Yes, we get exceptional results with LED when our patients are on an LED membership and have 3 treatments a week for either 1 or 2 months depending on the severity of the condition.
Yes. LED may be the only clinic treatment you can have as the repair and rebalancing is done by the light and not skincare products.
Yes. Peels and microdermabrasion remove surface debris and increase circulation to the skin but do not affect the dermal layer of the skin that produces collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid. So adding LED to you peel or microdermabrasion will in effect take your facial from the surface to the dermis meaning your skin will look better in a month than it does today.
Accumulation. The more often you have LED the quicker and better the results. By attending the clinic for 3 x LED sessions a week you dramatically speed up the skins anti aging and repair processes to reveal fresher, younger looking skin in as little as 3 weeks. The best last minute high school reunion anti aging pill.

*Results may vary from person to person.