Immaculate Brows

Beautifully shaped, tinted and custom designed brows add a youthful lift to the face and perfectly shape the eye contours. It is the simple anti aging treatment to remove years instantly.

The Soho Skin Rejuvenation Immaculate Brow Bar menu offers a meticulous brow consulting, designing, shaping & sculpting experience. With a passion for perfect brows and makeup artistry, Maree has been creating beautifully shaped brows for over 20 years and ensures our Brow Artists are detailed in their brow shaping treatments also.

Every brow sculpting session is custom designed to compliment the facial features and contours of each individual. We only use pharo sugar wax or skin soothing resin waxes to ensure the health & integrity of your delicate brow skin.

Our Henna Brow service is the treatment of choice for any one with thinning, fair or hard to grow brows as it will condition your natural brow growth and last twice as long as general tinting.

You can book a brow appointment online any time day or night for your convenience via our online booking link on this website or you may choose to call us during business hours on 0439 997 974 to make a booking at our Sunshine Coast Facial Spa in the garden, Brow Sculpt Beauty Salon, open Monday – Saturday and Thursday evening.

Your Brows Are Unique
Custom design compliments your facial contours.
Our brow experts will consult with you prior to your service to ensure they achieve the desired result.
Perfect Brows Take Time
Each brow expert will perform the same techniques to ensure the same result every time.
Our brow experts will consult with you prior to your service to ensure they achieve the desired result.
Youthful Eyes With Lift
A tidy natural brow gives an immediate eye lift.
We only use skin friendly natural products on your fragile brow skin.

Brow Menu

A personalised and custom brow aligning and sculpting to suit your brows and features with custome brow tint to fill in gaps and even the brows.

Individually customized brow colour for naturally thick looking brows. Colour lasts 7 – 14 days.

Custom lash tinting for longer, thicker, more luxurious looking lashes.

Natural and non toxic Henna is the best option for anyone with thinning and fair brows. Regular sessions of Henna Brow Sculpting has a conditioning effect that encourages natural brow hair regrowth. The stain will stay on the skin for up to 7 days and the tinted hairs remain tinted twice as long as regular brow tinting. We include a brow shaping and sculpting with your Henna brow service so your brows are beautifully defined every time.

Look your best with professional Makeup Artistry.

Non toxic makeup application for any event. 

If you require freelance work off premises travel/freelance fees apply.

Brow FAQ’s

Your express brow tidy will keep it’s shape for 2 – 4 weeks depending on the speed at which your hair grows. We recommend booking ahead of time to secure an appointment with your favourite brow specialist at a time that suits you schedule, this way you will not be disappointed if you brow specialist is not available.

The answer to this question depends on what your definition of a normal diet is.  The ideal meal plan to follow whilst having Fat Cavitation treatments is a fruit, vegetable and meat diet with lots of fresh water and herbal teas.  Limit your carbohydrate intake to 1 whole grain serve at breakfast and cut all refined sugars and other carbohydrates out completely.

Regular brow tints last for 7 – 14 days whilst Henna Brow Stain lasts 2 – 4 weeks on the brow hair. The length your colour lasts really is depending on the type of cleanser you use and how often you cleanse your brows. Hot Tip : Use a gentle, oil free eye makeup removal cleanser, we recommend Germaine De Cappuccini Eye Makeup Remover as our #1 option, on the brows and avoid AHA and exfoliating cleansers to get the most out of your tint or henna stain. Ask your brow specialist which of our other eye makeup removers would be best to maintain the tint or henna on your brows if you have specific skin concerns.
Yes, we highly recommend you have a facial with your brow service. A Professional Petit Facial is the ideal monthly maintenance facial to add to your brow service. We will perform a professional exfoliation treatment prior to the brow shaping and tinting treatment. By doing this your brow tint will penetrate deeper into the hair shaft and Henna stain will last longer on the skin because you will not need to exfoliate your skin for at least 5 – 7 days.
Yes, we are more than happy to apply an organic or clinical mineral makeup to conceal any residual pink in your skin from the brow waxing treatment. This will ensure your skin does not get irritated or clogged and is protected from the sun, dehydration and pollution also.