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Looking for Scar Treatment Brisbane?

When looking for Scar Treatment Brisbane, do your research and choose a clinic with highly skilled and experienced skin & dermal therapists. Correction of scars will take time, so patience and commitment to treatment is required.

What Are Scars?

Scars are the formation on the skin of damaged skin cells and scar tissue. Therefore, scars occur when the skin is damaged or cut via abrasion, scratching or cutting from sharp objects. Depending on your body’s immunity, genetics and repair response, you might end up with a scar that is flat, pitted, pigmented, or raised.

Keloid & Hypertrophic Scars

Keloid and Hypertrophic scars are raised in nature. Hypertrophic scarring is not apparent for every scar you may receive. On the other hand, Keloid scarring is a collagen disorder that predisposes an individual to raised scarring in most instances. Over-the-counter silicone scar patches help flatten Keloid scars by applying pressure to the scar and keeping the scar tissue well hydrated. You’ll need to use the scar patches nightly for three months to help reduce the appearance of the raised scar.
Fractional laser, in some instances, is very helpful for hypertrophic scarring as it will remove the damaged scar tissue collagen without creating more scar tissue collagen. Skin needling is advised to be avoided by individuals who are prone to Keloid scarring. Because if the skin needling practitioner is not qualified or skilled you may end up with more keloid scarring from the experience.

Pitted Scars

Scar treatment for pitted scarring requires clinical skin needling or dermal needling. This method of scar treatment will remove the existing scar tissue collagen via exfoliation. Alternatively it stimulates production of fresh, healthy skin collagen instead. Thereby having a skin plumping effect to raise the pitting to a more uniform level. Monthly treatments are recommended for best results. Hence continuing the stimulated repair and skin smoothing process long term. Alternatively, Fractional Laser is also effective on fairer skin types.

Pigmented or Discoloured Scars

Pigmented and Discoloured scars are best treated with chemical peels infused with pigment inhibitors.  In some cases LED, IPL or Laser treatments will also “reboot” or stimulate your skins healing processes and set it on the right path to skin repair quickly.
A simple Vitamin A Serum at night and Vitamin C serum during the day will also help to speed up the healing and fading process for pigmented or discoloured scarring.

Stretch Marks

Stretch Marks are a deeper form of scarring that has penetrated the dermal layer of the skin. This type of scarring can only be rectified by Skin Needling or Fractional Laser treatments.  When used in conjunction with skin repair products at home fresh and old stretch marks can be reduced and even removed over time with a consistent treatment routine of fortnightly or monthly in clinic treatments.

Scarring does not need to be a life sentence. With professional support, advice, in clinic treatment and skincare you can feel confident in your face and body skin again.

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