Mineral Makeup….. A Treatment Or Just A Cover?

The beauty, skin and makeup industry has changed so dramatically over the last 29 years since I graduated from makeup artistry.  Once upon a time treatment for acne was harsh and invasive, whilst toxic makeup preparations were the only option for being presentable in the public eye.  Non-toxic, mineral based makeup products are [...]

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How To Sooth Reactive Skin Conditions

What really is the cause for reactive, sensitive, inflammed & barrier impaired skin? Some will tell you it is diet, others say it's an allergy to bacteria on the skin and even your genetics.  In some ways these are all true.  Genetics does play a part in some skin disorders such as acne [...]

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Awaken Youthful Skin – Clinical LED Light Therapy

Natural and non invasive treatments for acne and aging concerns have become all the rage.  I can see why.  With so many busy people wanting more relaxing rejuvenation alternatives, surgical procedures are becoming the second choice. Clinical LED light therapy is the right combination of clinical actives stimulated by LED light therapy. You [...]

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Party Season Summer Skin Survival Tips

It’s that time again, silly season.  We are all tired from a hectic work year and looking forward to some rest and relaxation with our friends the loved ones.  With the summer heat, parties and lack of sleep ahead, how do you keep your skin looking fresh and clean? Here are my top [...]

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