Maree Andersen

Renowned for unparalleled client focus & care with a meticulous eye for detail, Maree Andersen is one of the leading premium beauty, skin and brow experts in Australia. Specializing in treatments that combine traditional proven techniques and rituals with modern technologies and a unique brand of holistic Skin and Brow artistry, the Soho Skin or Soho Brow experience is hard to compare.

From a very young girl, Maree has been fascinated with all things beauty, grooming, style and wellness. This well rounded and holistic approach to “Self Respect”, as Maree calls it, is what makes  Maree Andersen a curator of fine beauty and skin health treatments with an a la carte facial menu uniquely different from anyone in Brisbane.

Studying an Advanced Diploma in Beauty Therapy at The Gold Coast Training Academy, now known as The French Beauty Academy with which she is a hall of fame entrant, Maree was quickly engaged by local television personalities and publications due to her meticulous eye for detail and passion for all encompassing, results driven treatments. Maree has completed numerous courses to be able to meld Traditional Skin and Beauty Treatments with luxury and ritual relaxation with modern dermal therapies for a uniquely relaxing and long term therapeutic, results driven treatment. Maree has studied Makeup Artistry leading to working for one of the worlds most popular mens magazines, Lymphatic Drainage, Shiatsu Accupressure Massage, Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Para- Medical Skin Treatments/Dermal Therapies, Laser and Light Therapies just to name a few. Maree values on going training and is dedicated to integrating modern trends that suit her holistic approach. Most recently Maree has introduced Bioresonance to help balance impaired skin from a cellular level. Maree’s partnership with many Australia beauty brands and  distributors solidifies her reputation as one of Australia’s skin health mentors and champion of holistic skin health.

Having started her own business in 2001, with her current Facial Spa in Kedron, her facial spa in the garden is a boutique destination for all those wanting to visit a salon that values their desire for nuturing and relaxation just as much as their desire to feel confident and beautiful in their own skin.

Maree Andersen Skin Expert has an excellent reputation as a skin and brow expert with exceptional consultation, collaboration and customer service skills seeing people from all over the world visiting her for her expertise when in Brisbane