Fat is removed with Fat Cavitation by utilising low frequency ultrasound waves to create minute vibrations that produce tiny bubbles within the fat cell. This disturbs the outer membrane in turn expelling collections of fat cells into the surrounding area. From there it is up to our lymphatic & urinary systems to gather these collections of fat & any toxins released with it and remove them from our body. In this way body contouring treatments such as Fat Cavitation aid in the reduction of unwanted fatty deposits that cannot be shifted with conventional diet and exercise. This process will continue over 3 days post treatment and while this is happening it is vital adequate water intake is maintained of at least 2 litres of plain water a day.

When Fat Is Removed With Fat Cavitation Where Does It Go?

Adequate water intake will ensure your body is flushing any expelled fat and toxins from the body through our urine and moderate exercise is also recommended within an hour or so of post treatment and subsequent days after  treatment to aid the movement of dispersed fatty cells from your body to your urine for expelsion. Moderate excecise ensuresadequate circulation of the lymphatic system pushing the contents through and out through the urinary system as the lymphatic system doesn’t have it own muscles to push it contents through it relies on our muscular system to push and squeeze this through for us! This is why health officials say 30 mins a day moderate exercise is important not only of heart health and fitness but to help us push toxins from our body as well.

Is Fat Cavitation Safe?

Fat Cavitation is a completely safe treatment that will not interfere with any other body structures such as blood vessels and nerves making a perfect alternative to more invasive procedures. For optimal results home care is vital! This treatment cannot work with out continuation of balanced diet, exercise and most importantly adequate fluid intake. For best results treatments can be done 3 times a week with at least one day gap in between, book in for a consultation to see how we can help reach your body contouring goals today.