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Winter is upon us so now is the time to book a professional skin analysis and change your skincare regime in preparation to take on the harsh winter elements.

Heating, air-conditioning & cold winter air all wreck havoc on our skin requiring a routine of barrier protection, intensive hydration and nightly nourishment.

Winter Skin Routine Tips:

-Change up to a slightly richer moisturiser. Eg. if you are using Dermalogica Active Moist upgrade to Dermalogica Skin Smoothing Cream for winter.

-Add a hydration booster to you daily routine.  I love the Dermlogica Skin Hydrating Booster, just a couple of drops added to your moisturiser morning and night will make all the difference.

-And don’t forget a Hydration Mask, if your skin is really dry you may want to wear a hydration mask as your night time moisturiser.  I love the Aspect Hydrating Mask

As far as clinic treatments go having an LED light therapy facial each month will restore balance whilst intensely hydrating your skin, prices start at $110 for a basic LED treatment and go up to $350 for multifunctional medispa facial treatments.  If you really need to you can be in & out of the clinic in as little as 30 mins.  Our Synergy Awakening Ionactive Facial $220.00 is extremely effective at resurfacing, brightening and hydrating the face, neck and décolletage with the effects lasting for 2 – 4 weeks post treatment.

If your skin is already barrier impaired you are best to have a course of 12 LED light therapy treatments for a month to bring your skin back to balance so winter does not cause any further damage to your skin.  Ask your facialist about this option as most skin centres offer discounts of LED packages.  Our 1 month LED membership is only $399 making each treatment is little as $33 per session.

Your skin is the first thing people see so look your best by investing in monthly skin health LED facials and premium skincare that works.

My favorite Winter Skincare products are:

Aspect – Gentle Clean, Exfol L, Extreme B 17, Aspect Gold SMC and Hydrating Mask

Cosmedix – Purity Solution, Affirm, Define, Hydrate + and Rescue +

Germaine De Capuccini (only available in clinic) – O2 Milk, O2 Lotion, Glycocure Hydro-retexturing booster concentrate, TimeExpert SRNS Night Progress Serum & TimeExpert SRNS Intensive Recovery Cream.