What is a metabolic peel???

Metabolic or Anabolic Peels are sophisticated and highly potent skin peeling preparations with chirally correct ingredients. They are designed to work with the skin to balance naturally occurring skin functions from within.  Some are quite uncomfortable on application but others are very comfortable with little to no irritiation.

Metabolic Peels not only perform a surface skin sloughing effect, like regular peels, but depending on the active ingredients, over time, will balance oil flow, speed up scar tissue repair, balance over production of pigmentation and even turn back the clock on aging and sun damage.

As a facialist I prescribe these peels often as a monthly skin maintenance treatment or an initial balance restoring treatment course.  No matter what combination of concerns your skin is experiencing we have a metabolic peel to address them all.

Due to the highly concentrated ingredients in Metabolic Peels you will need to prepare your skin for treatment with matching skincare so have a skin consultation prior to treatment so you can start on your preparation skincare at least 2 weeks before your peel.  And after your peel you are likely to have some dry, post treatment flakey skin for up to 5 days, this is normal.

So now you may be asking, When would I have a Metabolic Peel?  That would be when you have an annoying skin concern that home care just won’t assist.

Below are a list of metabolic peels for specific skin concerns:

Inflammed Acne – Cosmedix Benefit Peel & Skinstitut AHA Enzyme Peel.

Pimples, Minor Scarring & Congested Pores – Aspect Jungle Brew, Cosmedix Purity Peel & Skinstitut Peel Accelerator.

Pigmentation – Aspect Pigment Punch, Cosmedix Timeless Peel & Skinstitut Ageless Peel.

Wrinkles, Age Spots & Skin Tone – Aspect Cabernet Au Chocolat, Cosmedix Timeless Peel & Skinstitut Ageless Peel.

Sun Damage or Thickened Acne Scarring – Cosmedix Deep Sea Peel & Skinstitut Purple Peel.

Caution!!!  I know that you can find some of these peeling preparations being sold online.  There is a risk of these online peels being counterfeit or out of date stock.  Please do not be tempted to buy them to perform yourself.  They require a skilled practitioner to assess the reaction of the skin to the application.  If over used or applied incorrectly you could cause significant damage.

Why do I need to prepare my skin for a metabolic peel?  That is because the ingredients in these peels are very active and require that you acclimatize your skin to them first.  A skin prone to pigmentation will also require a Tyrosinase inhibitor to ensure the skins pigment production remains balanced through out the treatment course.  You will need to prep your skin for 2 – 4 weeks prior to having your first metabolic peel.

Some common metabolic peel prepping skincare:

Cosmedix Define – Requirement for all Cosmedix metabolic peels.  This night time resurfacing cream contains retinol and lactic acid, ideal for acclimatizing your skin to fruit acids and vitamin A preparations.

Cosmedix Simply Brilliant – A full spectrum Tyrosinase inhibitor with Salicylic Acid.  Required for the preparation of cosmedix pigmentation peels.

Aspect Exfol L 15 – A lactic acid leave on skin exfoliant required to prepare skin to Aspect metabolic peels.

Aspect Pigment Punch – A Tyrosinase inhibitor with rave reviews.  Required to balance pigmentation for Pigment Punch & Cabernet Au Chocolat Peels.

Aspect Retinol Brulee – A multipurpose resurfacing and anti aging night serum to Prep the skin for Cabernet Au Chocolat Peels.

Skinstitut Retinol – a requirement to prep skin for Ageless and Purple Peels.

Skinstitut Even Blend – a tyrosinase inhibitor required to balance pigmentation on skins prone to hyper-pigmentation.

Don’t be tempted to mix and match products from other skincare lines.  You will not get the full benefits of the chosen metabolic peel if you do not stick to the matching brands skincare.  Put your current products away to use again later, you will be glad you did when you get optimum results from your metabolic peeling course.