The wonder of Epiblading, Dermaplaning, Epidermal Levelling or Dermal Edge Peel.

Epiblading is latest treatment to be promoted by the lovely Zoe Foster Blake.  Is it for you?

As one of my most sort after treatments, Epiblading has everything going for it.  It’s affordable, tick, painless hair removal, tick, silky smooth skin, tick.  A seriously addictive facial.

If you have a reactive or fragile skin prone to hives when you over exfoliate, best to give this one a miss.  Otherwise all other skin types have a green light.

What you will experience from an epiblading session:

  1. Deeply Clean Skin: We will use clinical AHA skincare to deeply clean and sterilise your skin for a safe and effective exfoliation.
  2. Hair Free Perfection: No need to worry about the hair returning thicker as vellous hair will only become darker with hormonal imbalances, not shaving.  So smooth hair free skin for at least a month.
  3. Smooth, refined skin: Pores are refined, surface dry skin and pigment whisked away and rugged scarring levelled out plus wrinkle depth is reduced.  What more could you want?
  4. Luxurious massage: After this rigorous workout your skin deserves some TLC with a nourishing massage infusion of vitamins and nutrients.

One last thing.  Make sure the clinic you go to is experienced and the staff have been properly trained.  There is, as always, a risk of nicks and scratches with a little dry down time, an experienced professional will reduce the post treatment down time dramatically.

Products that support Epiblading results at home

Skinstitut Enzymatic Micro Peel – A fantastic leave on skin smoothing mask, ideal for eliminating the post treatment dry, flaky patches that arise from the skins sped up natural exfoliation processes.

Cosmedix Rescue + – A super hydrator and relaxing skin balm.  Use this as a night time moisturiser for 3 days post treatment.  Your skin will love you for it.

Societe Refinishing Serum – Start using this serum nightly 5 days after your treatment, it will prevent the dead skin cell layers from building up again, continuing the skin levelling and repairing processes.

Societe Prime & Defend – I love this day time 4 in 1 moisturizer.  It is your antioxidant serum, hydrator, SPF and tinted primer all in one.  So easy to use under your makeup and essential for protecting your skin from the sun now that all your skin aging dead skin cells have been removed.