Clinical Organic Spa Facial in one sentence…… Do they really mix?

The makeup and skincare industry has come a long way in the 25 years I have been involved with it. As the industry has evolved so have I in my range of skill sets.

The latest development, and one that is close to my heart is skin health & wellbeing. What we put in and on our bodies directly effects our body’s sense of balance, for the good or in so many cases the bad. Clinical Organics contain naturally derived concentrated actives that deliver vital nutrients to the regenerative functions of the skin.

For a long time organic facials and skincare have been about avoiding harsh chemicals and skin maintenance, not skin correction. But now spa facials are taking a turn towards organic, clinical skin correction. Hooray!!! I love aromatherapy, massage, spa relaxation rituals and active ingredients that give instant and ongoing results.


3 good reasons to have an Clinical Organic Spa Facial:

  1. Natural aromatherapy soothes the emotions: Many if not all skin imperfections stem from stress, treat yourself to a monthly Organic Spa Facial to relieve life’s stresses.
  2. Organic ingredients restore vital skin nutrients: Plants were made to complement our unique makeup. They contain essential nutrients our body can not produce and eating them will only deliver limited supplies to the skin. So treat your skin to a regular topical vitamin infusion with Organic Spa Facials.
  3. Organic Spa Facials are anti-aging: Clinical organic peels remove skin aging dead cells and infuse the skin with vitamins. Massage relaxes over worked and tired muscles that cause expression lines, with the added benefit of draining away toxins lying under the skin. And masques infusion hydration and refine the pores.


Every guest at Soho Skin Management for an Organic Spa Facial this April will receive a free gift to take home and protect their skin from sun damage. Click here to book your Organic Spa Facial today.  

Organic Pigmentation Solutions

La Clinica White Brilliant Skin Care Kit: With concentrated pigment inhibiting peptides the cleanser, serum, cream and mask will gradually fade surface pigmentation & prevent the return of dark pigmentation.

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Organic Acne Solutions

La Clinica Anti Blemish Skin Care Kit: Teens & Adults – Natural & Organic care for breakout prone skin. Soothing and purifying botanicals with pigmentation fighting peptides will refine pores, clear breakout and prevent the skin from pimple causing congestion. Contains a cleanser, spot serum, moisturiser, scrub/mask & cleansing cloth.

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Organic Anti Aging Solutions

La Clinica Anti Aging Beautiful Skin Kit : 25 years to up – Counteract wrinkles and smooth the texture of your skin with anti aging organic botanicals, stems cells and wrinkle smoothing peptides. Contains Cleanser, Rose Hip Oil, Day Cream, Night Cream & Eye Cream plus a cleansing cloth.

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