As a facialist I perform many consultations and skin health assessments with people who are frustrated by debilitating skin concerns. Often they have sort the help of specialists who seemingly are unable to give them answers to or even fix their concerns.

The body is a fascinating series of connections & information highways that can get clogged or even blocked, preventing the synergistic function of all body members.  In order to fix skin health concerns we need to get to the root of the problem.  Evidently in most cases this is gut health & inadequate skincare regimes.

Our body needs clean, nutritious food and plenty of healthy fluids to function on all cylinders.  If we have been too busy to put effort into our diet and hydration we find many of the bodies organs start to shut down.  A homeopathic doctor once told me that as annoying as it is, acne is the bodies way of telling us it is not well and change is required.  Much better the skin than the liver, which is a lot harder to diagnose.

So where do you start in creating a healthy gut and bowel system that feeds, weeds and cleans the body effectively.  Pre & Pro-biotics with Essential Fatty Acids.

Without these 3 core gut health remedies we cannot effectively process and use the nutrition we ingest.  Where can you find these essential elements to process vitamins and mineral effectively?  Below are my top picks for helping to reveal a healthier skin in only 30 days:

Pre-biotics – These are the micro-organisms or food that feed good gut bacteria. You can find pre-biotics in onion, garlic, asparagus, chives and leeksBanana’s & honey contain pre-biotics too.  If you start your day with a banana & take your pro-biotics plus end the day with your green vegetables and night time pro-biotics you are well on the way to a healthier digestive tract and skin.

Pro-biotics – Good gut bacteria.  Our highly refined & processed foods have a tendency to destroy good gut bacteria and if you are on medication and anti-biotics frequently you can guarantee that your gut health is severely lacking.  Foods that naturally contain pro-biotics are yogurt & kefir. If dairy is a no go for you, like it is for me, you can get your dairy free pro-biotics from Apple Cider Vinegar (one with the mother), sauerkraut, pickles, kimchi, miso & kombucha. A mixture of different pro-biotics is needed so make sure you read the label before buying an off the counter pro-biotic supplement.

Essential Fatty Acids – Omega-3 and Omega-6 are the more common EFA’s spoken about.  These good fats do not make you fat.  There are so many misleading articles out there that say fat is bad for weight loss.  Highly processed and over heated Trans Fats are fattening, essential fatty acids, in their most natural form, encourage weight loss and healthy skin.  Some of my favorite daily essential fatty acid foods are avocado, coconut oil, olive oil, salmon and tuna.  The list goes on, believe me, there are so many options even for the nut intolerant, again like me.  It is so easy to add EFA foods to your diet morning, noon and night.

I can hear some of you right now saying, “That sounds like hard work.  Can’t I just take a supplement?”  The short answer is sure.  But bare in mind, natural and unprocessed is always best, it gives your gut a chance to work with naturally occurring elements that were made for it.  Once processing changes a natural ingredient, it can often make it harder for the body to process it.

I have searched far and wide for some good, wholesome nutrient rich supplements that assist in revealing healthy skin from within.  I sell these in my clinic and online store because I believe in them and have personally seen fantastic results both with my own skin and that of my clients too.  No external skin care regime will fix acne, rosacea or dermatitis without inner health supplementation, these conditions come from within.

Bestow Beauty Oil – One of the best ways to get EFA’s into your diet.  This oil is packed solid with varying fatty acids that have different functions for the gut, organ and skin health. Add it to your smoothie in the morning or use it as your salad oil.  A really easy way to add EFA’s to your diet.

Bestow Be Cleansed Detox Powder – A detoxifying powder to add to your smoothie.  It contains Slippery Elm, a natural bowel cleanser and conditioner.  An ideal bowel health aid for any one who is concerned about preventing IBS and Bowel Cancer issues.

The Beauty Chef Glow Inner Beauty Powder – The one stop shop for busy people wanting everything in one product.  Vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, protein, fibre, EFA’s, pre-biotics and pro-biotics.  The 24 wholesome ingredients in this super powder come from earth and sea, a nutrient power house.  Try a teaspoon a day for 30 days and see for yourself!

The Beauty Chef Chocolate Inner Beauty Powder – Do you like protein shakes and smoothies?  This is your meal replacement or protein shake.  Just blend it into your favourite dairy free milk or smoothie for a nutrient rich meal replacement or protein fix.  It will help you disarm the 3pm snack attack too.

Bestow Puritea Turmeric & Ginger Tea – Inflammation is an insidious disorder that wrecks havoc on immunity and metabolism.  If you have any joint, gut, skin or muscular inflammation on a long term basis, you need to counteract its effect with anti-inflammatory herbs.  This tea is designed to reduce inflammation, sooth the gut and aid in liver detoxification.  Take a little time to yourself each day to sooth your body and mind, the tea ritual is one of the most satisfying self love habits you could do.

Need help with your skin? Make an appointment for an observ diagnostic skin analysis with myself or one of my dermal therapists.  We can help you on your journey to skin health.