What really is the cause for reactive, sensitive, inflammed & barrier impaired skin?

Some will tell you it is diet, others say it’s an allergy to bacteria on the skin and even your genetics.  In some ways these are all true.  Genetics does play a part in some skin disorders such as acne and psoriasis.  Food allergies cause an imbalance in the digestive tract which means you will not get the nutrients you need to feed your last line of defense, the skin.  Even if you do suffer from any of these skin disorders there is still some proven ways to improve skin comfort levels and achieve an acceptable level of skin health.

Having acne rosacea prone skin, I can attest to the pain and discomfort that comes from red and inflammed skin.  There is not one way to treat this sort of concern.  A combination of inner health supplementation, diet reforms, stress reduction, skin care & in clinic treatments is required to reach skin balance and health.

If you suffer from acne, rosacea, psoriasis, eczema, reactive skin or sensitive skin this is what you need to do:

  1. Ensure your diet is as clean, raw and as natural as possible with plenty of EFA’s, pre-biotics & pro-biotics.  If you have a diet that is high in processed foods, junk food and refined carbohydrates you will feed the bad bacteria in the gut and deplete your body of the good bacteria it needs to process essential nutrients.  Try eliminating gluten, lactose, starches & processed sugars from your diet to free up space for fruit, yogurt, nuts, seeds and fresh vegetables.  You will be surprised how quickly your skin will respond to cleaning up your diet.  Too busy to prepare healthy food??? Try Youfoodz and The Beauty Chef OR Bestow supplements to help you eat cleaner & get your essential nutrients plus pre & pro-biotics.
  2. Drink lots of water.  Seems simple but if you really counted the glasses of water you drink in a day you may find it is only 3 or 4, tops.  Water will flush out the toxins that the body likes to push out to the skin, as storing toxins in the skin is the safest place to keep them. Aim for 8 glasses of fresh water a day.
  3. Have regular treatments with a Facialist.  Your facialist generally has a long list of nutritional, skin & device training certifications that are targeted at achieving skin balance.  Don’t be fooled by the lack of DR in front of their name.  Facialists are seasoned, educated professionals who know skin, and the intricate conditions and concerns that come from imbalance.  Re-active skin requires tailored home care programs and in clinic treatments to calm, heal, balance and restore healthy skin.  Some of the ways a facialist will do this is with inner health supplementation, stress reduction massage, deep cleansing, Laser & light therapy, concentrated skin boosters & gentle exfoliation.  All tailored to suit your specific concern and requirements.  Follow your personal regime to the letter, or it just won’t work.  Consistency & patience is the key to gentle skin and gut reprogramming.
  4. De-stress, get sleep & log out.  Technology is very helpful to assist us in getting things done efficiently, but when over used it can stimulate our brains too much causing a state of heightened stress.  Set limits on your use of technology, go back to good out fashioned book reading, and set a regular time to go to bed.  As a mum I can tell you that sleep deprivation is really aging and exacerbates rosacea. Take better care of yourself by resting, your skin will love it.

Obviously there are other factors that can weigh heavily on imbalanced skin disorders, i.e environments such as mining or fast food kitchens.  Your skincare specialist should ask the right questions to factor in a pollution and/or harsh environment situation.

Here are a list of products that I have found work well with specific skin imbalances:

All imbalanced skin disorders – The Beauty Chef  Glow, Cleanse & Collagen Boost :  Hands down the best supplements to create a state of gut health, and as a result healthy, glowing skin.  Be consistent, use them every day and within a month you will see the difference. I just add them all to a shaker bottle with 400mls of water & done, so easy. Tastes good too! In case you were wondering.  If you have trouble sleeping the Sleep powder is fantastic before bed with tumeric, cinnamon and nutmeg.

AcneGermaine de Capuccini Purexpert range.  These gentle salicylic acid based products clean out clogged pores whilst soothing and hydrating the skin.  There is an oily range and a combination range so your facialist will be able to advise you on the one that will suit you best.

Environmentaly Impaired Skin – Eminence Stone Crop range.  This organic skin care range will sooth, calm, nourish and repair skin that is environmentally damaged or irritated due to dry, dehydrated skin conditions.  Smells divine, use it sparingly with wet hands and the spatula provided.  You want it to last as long as possible without contamination.

Psoriasis & Eczema – Dermalogica UltraCalming range.  The ultracalming complex in these products reduce redness and restore comfort to the skin allowing the skin to repair it self naturally.  There are products to suit oily thru to dry skins so ask your skin therapist which products are best for you. All safe to use when you are on Roacutane too, yay.  What a relief.

Irritated Skin – Payot Creme No.2 range. Payot have released a beautiful range to compliment the cult original Creme No.2.  A natural barrier cream with a beautiful scent from fruit & flower essences, you could be forgiven for thinking it contains perfume, it really doesn’t.  Your skin will love the comfort this range brings under your makeup.