Why does the skin sag?

As we age our collagen and elastin fibres start to wilt and cross over each other. This process is called cross linking. When this happens the skin has started to slow down it’s rate at which it produces fresh collagen and elastin and as a result the skin starts to stiffen, wrinkle and sag. Glycation from eating refined sugar, UV sun damage and pollution are 3 extrinsic causes of skin sagging that are within our control.

Elos Skin Tightening – Face*

E Los Skin Tightening - Lips

15 mins

Lines, Wrinkles, Scarring & Enlarged pores around the lips.


Lines, Wrinkles, Scarring & Enlarged pores around the eyes.


Lines, Wrinkles, Scarring & Enlarged pores on neck.


30 mins

Lines, Wrinkles, Scarring & Enlarged pores, half face.


Lines, Wrinkles, Scarring & Enlarged pores.


Lines, Wrinkles, Scarring & Enlarged pores.


Skin Tightening Treatments*

50 mins

Radio Frequency Skin Tightening shrinks & destroys existing cross linked elastin fibres stimulating the replacement of fresh up right elastin for tight, firm skin on face or body.*


A sterile dermal roller with 600 micro needles will make tiny punctures in the skin to stimulate the production of fresh collagen and elastin to tighten and firm sagging skin.* Ideal for all areas of the face and body and suitable for all skin colour tones.


Non invasive infrared laser skin tightening treatment.  Micro columns of laser selectively damage the skin to dramatically speed up the production of collagen & elastin for tighter, smoother, firmer and more lifted skin.  Can be used on any section of the body to tighten, plump, repair and tone the skin.*


Skin Tightening LED & Laser Photo Facials*

90 mins

Our most popular medi facial treatment.  This skin tightening facial utilises diamond skin resurfacing, RF skin tightening and muscle relaxing peptide technology to firm, lift and tighten facial contours for a more youthful complexion and younger looking features.*


This elos skin tightening laser facial treatment will not only tighten & lift the skin but will restore skin clarity and lustre for the perfect makeup canvas.*  A popular pre event facial for mothers or the bride or high school reunions.  The glowing skin secret celebrities don’t admit to.


The crème de la crème of laser lifting facials.  This multi faceted customized skin resurfacing and skin tightening laser facial will address more than just skin tightening.  Open pores, scarring, pigmentation, rough skin texture and sagging neck and jowls will all be refined and refinished.  There is a measure of down time for 3 – 7 days as the skin sheds dry surface layers of skin and restores natural balance.  If you are looking for dramatic results quickly this is the facial for you.*


Skin Tightening FAQ’s

No. We have manual, photo and laser options for tightening skin on the face and body. Our most popular facial treatment is a combination of manual resurfacing, RF skin tightening and LED Light therapy.

Elos or E Light Skin Tightening is a high potency combination of IPL and RF skin rejuvenation that causes a dramatic increase in the production of collagen & elastin deep within the skin. This treatment will plump, firm and lift facial contours and give the skin on your body tone. A very comfortable skin tightening treatment with no post procedure downtime.

No. We would need to avoid LED and Laser in your condition. This does not mean we can not treat you for skin tightening as Clinical Skin Needling is a very effective way to tighten the skin on face and body and does not require any light or laser therapy.

Most require at least 6 treatments to get a noticeable result. But this really depends on the extent of the sagging and how often you want to have treatments. Many of my clients make a monthly appointment for an Ultimate Lift and Firm Facial to keep the skin tightening stimulated & progressing, also to unwind a little as well. Others are able to visit our clinic once a week for RF skin tightening only to speed up the tightening process, these clients get fantastic results fast.

After you have your final treatment your skins rate of production in collagen & elastin will remain high for at least 3 months. If you do not maintain the results with skin firming home care and maintenance skin tightening facials you will start to notice the skin sagging again 6 – 12 months post treatment.

Unfortunately no. Age, health, food allergies and genetics will have a factor in how well one responds to skin tightening treatments. If you have a good healthy diet with lots of water, fruit & vegetables, get adequate sleep and toning exercise plus use the tightening home care regime prescribed you will get the best possible results. Please keep in mind that stomach bloating and fluid retaining foods will adversely affect your tummy and thigh tightening results.

*Results may vary from person to person.