Finding a salon that specializes in waxing in Brisbane can be difficult? Nothing feels better than smooth, hair free skin. But, don’t you also want the waxing experience to be a pleasant one?

At Soho Skin Rejuvenation meticulous eye brow & body waxing is our specialty. Our beauty salon is conveniently located in Westfield Chermside Shopping Centre on level 2 near the cinemas.  Call us on 1300 21 7646 or drop in during business hours for an appointment plus you can conveniently book a waxing appointment online any time day or night.

Also, feel free to discuss your skin needs with us or make a booking by calling 1300 21 7646. You can also book your waxing online here.

What is Body Waxing?

Body Waxing is the process of removing hair, by the root, with a sticky substance such as sugar wax. When a cloth strip is applied to the wax, the beauty therapist will pull away the wax with the hair from the pore or follicle. This process leaves the skin free of unwanted hair.

What are the benefits of Body Waxing?

Body waxing is an economical way of removing unwanted body hair.  Below are some of the benefits you can achieve from regular monthly waxing in brisbane visits.

  • Achieve a smooth, hair free skin.
  • Remove terminal hair as well as the fine vellus hair.
  • Remover surface layers of dulling dead skin cells.
  • Stimulate circulation to feed and detoxify the skin.
  • Reduce the irregular appearance of scars over time.
  • Achieve instantly hydrated and radiant skin.
  • Gentle enough for most skin types.

Are there any side effects of Body Waxing?

In general, there are little to no side effects for body waxing in brisbane. It is a non-invasive hair removal treatment.  However, after treatment, the skin may appear a little pink with swollen follicles for a few hours.

You may also experience some dryness and/or skin peeling within 5 to 7 days after the treatment. The stimulation has increased your rate of natural exfoliation. All you need to do is a gentle scrub and moisturise to alleviate this.

Some people may be prone to histermine reactions from the shock of waxing on the skin.  If you are prone to red pumps or hives after waxing, it may be advisable to seek medical advise. You might be likely advised to take an anti-histamine prior to waxing treatments.

What is the cost for waxing in Brisbane?

The cost of waxing in Brisbane will vary from home salons to high street salons.

At Soho Skin Rejuvenation we value your loyalty to our beauty salon so offer a loyalty discount program for your regular waxing appointments.  Purchase 5 of the same waxing treatment and receive your 6th appointment free.

To ensure professional and safe results, all beauty therapists are fully trained, experienced and certified in waxing services.

All of these treatments include extra value not normally included:

  • Gentle sugar wax OR
  • Natural resin wax,
  • Cleansing the skin,
  • Warm towel removal,
  • Soothing hydration cream massage

Men’s waxing in Brisbane are also available on request.

Your brow waxing is performed to suit your face shape and add lift to your features.

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Gentle removal of unwanted underarm hair leaves your skin smooth and hair free.

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Sugar wax is applied to freshly cleansed skin to gently remove unwanted hair with the benefit of nourishing the skin.

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Sugar wax is applied to freshly cleansed skin to gently remove unwanted hair with the benefit of nourishing the skin.

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A combination of sugar wax and resin wax is used to effectively tidy the delicate Brazilian bikini area.

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Do Soho Skin Rejuvenation offer sugaring treatments?

Soho Skin Rejuvenation performs all our waxing services with the sugaring option. We do not charge extra for this service and the sugaring method we use is Pharo Sugaring, a manuka honey wax from New Zealand.

This method of waxing is safer and gentler on the skin than regular resin waxing and leaves your skin with less inflammation than other waxing methods.

Can I have body waxing when I am sun burnt?

When your skin is sun burnt it is in a delicate state. You will need to leave your skin for 2 weeks before your skin is ready for waxing. You will also need to exfoliate and moisturise your skin the night before you waxing appointment. As such, this will allow the wax to adhere to the hair and not the dead skin, preventing further skin damage.

Is waxing better than IPL hair removal?

Waxing is better in summer because it will not make your skin sun sensitive. IPL is better in winter as your skin will not be exposed to the sun. This process will gradually reduce the amount of hair that grows in the desired treatment area.  It is our suggestion that you invest in both treatments at various times of the year, ensuring your skin is hair free all year round. Hence providing you with the best longer term economy from your waxing & hair removal salon visits.

How long should the hair be for waxing?

The hair should be around .75cm before waxing will be effective.  If you book your waxing appointments 4 – 5 weeks apart your hair will be at least this length for effective hair removal.

Where is Soho Skin Rejuvenation for Waxing in Brisbane?