When looking for a skin clinic that offers a treatment menu that allows you relax, recharge and rejuvenate your skin, you should look no further than Soho Skin Rejuvenation. Please feel free to discuss your skin needs with us or make a booking by calling 1300 21 7646. You can also book online here.

Soho Treatment Menu


Our Observ diagnostic imaging tool allows us to examine all skin conditions, even underlying ones that may not be visible on the surface yet. This allows your therapist to provide recommendations on what treatment would be best to suit your individual needs.

For all skin types. An individualised facial to suit every skin’s needs from the most sensitive skin to those skins that require purifying and refining. Includes a deep exfoliation, custom mask and relaxing shoulder, neck and facial massage.

For all skin types including sensitive, acne and rosacea skins. Our rejuvenating peel uses a mix of AHAs, BHAs and fruit enzymes to revive, refresh and refine the skin while being both relaxing and regenerating at the same time. Two peels to choose from so it is customised to everyone’s needs.

For all congested skin including acne skins. Purifying facial that includes an enzyme peel under steam and a calming, drawing mask with a relaxing shoulder massage. For all ages and skin types in need of clarifying and calming.

For all skin types, especially dehydrated skins. For optimal skin hydration, this facial uses three molecular weights of hyaluronic acid to hydrate and plump skin from the bottom to the very top. This leaves the skin plump, fresh and healthy.

For devitalised, uneven, and sluggish skins. Packed with Vitamin C with enhanced penetration factors, this facial leaves the skin with a luminous glow. It increases both collagen synthesis and protecting DNA while preventing oxidation to support and firm the skin.



For fine lines, deep wrinkles and the first signs of ageing. This multi-layered facial with medical grade ingredients diminishes wrinkles by working on the dermal micro-tensions to relax the skin while stimulating new collagen to plump wrinkles out from the bottom to top. It gives both instant and long term results leaving the skin plump and relaxed with less visible wrinkles.

For ageing, redness and environmentally stressed skins. This facial contains highly active ingredients, including the use of Epigenol, an amazing ingredient that revitalises the “Youthfulness Proteins”. This multi-layered facial includes a rubberized mask for deeper penetration of active ingredients as well as to calm the skin for a healthy and invigorated appearance.

For hyper-pigmentation, uneven skin tone, acne scarring and ageing. This potent treatment works on preventing pigmentation produced by ageing and the sun by reducing the inflammation within skin that these stressors cause. Effectiveness tests show up to a 98% reduction in the pigment size and colouring over an eight-week period. Treatments are best done weekly with recommended homecare to ensure best results.



Non-invasive treatment for all skin types to repair and heal the most sensitive skin as well as stimulating collagen and elastin regeneration. Can be added to any treatment for an extra boost of skin renewal and combined with a dermal booster for even more hydration and collagen stimulating properties.

Diamond Tip microdermabrasion can added to any treatment to enhance product penetration and skin exfoliation leaving skin smooth, refined and radiant. For thickened, built up skins.

A great way to give an extra boost to any facial. The rejuvenation peel is a preparation tool used to gain more skin cell turnover and deeper product penetration of subsequent products. For all skin types.

Either on its own, under LED or infused with Sonophoresis, a Clinical Dermal Booster is a concentrated
powerhouse of active ingredients to boost the skin. With 5 to choose from, added benefits include
hydration, collagen boost, breakout & redness repair, multi-vitamin and vitamin C.

Targeting fine and deep lines around the eyes or lips, this treatment works to stimulate collagen deep in the wrinkle providing a plumper, less lined appearance. Great before an event or can be added to a monthly facial for lasting effect.

Works in the dermis to stimulate low molecular weight hyaluronic acid that “swells” between the collagen and elastin fibres to give a “push up effect” and smooth wrinkles on the surface. RF works like a powerful cellular renewal agent, increasing the thickness of the epidermis and renewing skin on the surface to reduce deep wrinkles and sun damage.



For thickened, sun damaged skin and removal of peach fuzz. After years of performing dermaplaning, we have mastered the art of a removing hair and 4 times the amount of dead skin compared to microdermabrasion. Our customised facial suits most skins. It includes a fruit enzyme peel for optimal skin renewal and a hydration mask to plump and soothe skin leaving skin smooth, even and refined.

For lifting, smoothing, pigmentation and rejuvenation. A customisable, light needling facial giving optimal results without the down time of a clinical needling treatment. This facial includes a relaxing peel to soften and prepare the skin, followed by custom dermal boosters that are penetrated into the skin with a light needling treatment that triggers the skins own epidermal growth factors for total skin rejuvenation. This facial is excellent for those skins who are new to needling or skins that do not need extensive work but just want a lovely pick me up.

For pitted scarring, uneven texture, enlarged pores, sun damage and those wanting deep rejuvenation. Performed by our Dermal Therapists, clinical needling uses a dermal pen to safely penetrate the surface of the skin by up to 3 times deeper than our Collagen Lift and Firm facial. As tiny micro-needles puncture the deeper dermal layer of the skin, it triggers an immediate response for cellular renewal and repair. Advanced Skin Consultation is required and numbing cream can be used.

For all skin types including sensitive and breakout prone skin. Our custom Hydroderm combines diamond tip microdermabrasion, AHA & BHA peel and ultra-hydrating peptide solution infusion to thoroughly exfoliate, hydrate and create a more radiant skin. This is then followed by an fruit enzyme peel, hydration mask and shoulder massage to soothe and relax making it one of our most popular treatments.



Our Aspect Clinical Peels are modified Jessner peels which work deeper than most peels to give the best results possible. Because of this they require some preparation prior to treatment and an Advanced Skin Consultation before we can commence treatment. For best results we recommend 6 treatments in total over a 6-month period and adequate aftercare including SPF 50 to be applied everyday between treatments.

For all skin types including hyper-pigmentation, problem skin and dehydration. Lactic Acid peel for optimal skin renewal, collagen stimulation and hydration without the irritation and down time of other Alpha Hydroxy Acid Peels.

For oily, acneic skin. Powerful skin renewal and anti-imperfection actions of alpha and beta hydroxy acids that work to purify oily, acne skins.

For ageing and rejuvenation. Anti-ageing peel combining natural fruit acids and Beta Hydroxy acids to reveal a fresh, smooth and more radiant complexion.

For hyper-pigmentation and uneven skin tone. Combines fruit acids with Beta Hydroxy acids to address the appearance of age spots and pigmented areas to illuminate and even out skin tone.



Organic full body scrub smooths and refines skin from head to toe using raw sugar granules and rock salt to provide a natural detoxification and exfoliation. Hydrating and anti-ageing body lotion is deeply massaged into the skin to finish which improves skin tone and skin appearance.

Relaxation back facial which targets congested and sluggish skin on the back and shoulders. Includes an exfoliation under steam, peel, extractions and finishing massage.

Relaxation massage to soothe the body and calm the mind using essential oils and hot compresses to further calm the nervous system and release any tension for a total body experience.

Remove stubborn fat deposits and cellulite with low-frequency ultrasound waves to target fat cells expelling them into the lymphatic system for removal from the body. For best results, this should be done in conjunction with a healthy diet, exercise and performed 3 times a week over at least 2 weeks.



Relaxation manicure while lying on a bed includes a nail and cuticle tidy, a hand and arm scrub and a luxury, relaxation massage. For the perfect finish, a toxic free nail colour is applied to complete the experience. Great on its own or added to any other treatment.

Relaxation pedicure which begins with a luxury foot soak to unwind and then, once laying on a bed, a luxurious foot and leg scrub, rasp and peel, followed by nail and cuticle work and rejuvenating massage. Finally, a toxic free nail colour is applied for the perfect finish. Great on its own or added to any treatment.








Sugar wax is a gentler alternative to conventional strip waxing. It’s less irritating on the skin, has no nasty chemicals and leaves no sticky residue as it can be cleaned off with warm water.