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Diet, exercise and activity just don’t work to lose weight*?

I have not only heard this complaint many times, since having 3 pregnancies I have also experienced it.  Diet and exercise are not the only factors that will take you to your weight management goals.  *Reducing stress levels, balancing hormones, avoiding food you are intolerant to and increasing your water intact are also necessary to achieve your goal weight.

*Weight Management Program Menu

*These healthy weight management and healthy skin management plans are run over 6 weeks and take commitment to get the best results.  Your in clinic treatments will aid your body in elimination of fat and toxins but are solely reliant on following the healthy eating plan to get the most out of them.

Weight Management FAQ’s

Weight loss and weight management, once you get there, take determination & commitment.  The first step is always the hardest but the gradual progress will keep you motivated.  When life is just too busy start with simple changes like cutting out sandwiches and replacing them with salad.  Park your car a little further away so you increase your daily step count.  Walk a little faster than usual, this will increase your heart rate.  Get a monthly massage to detox and de-stress.  Remember, the small things you do each day make all the difference.

Try reducing your sugar and carbohydrate intake to once a day, eg only have 1 slice of bread for breakfast and only eat 1 piece of fruit as your sugar item.  Adding detoxifying teas to your regime will help to eliminate toxins that accumulate around the tummy and the thighs.  And professional ultrasound fat cavitation treatments will help to break up stubborn fatty deposits so the body can eliminate fat.

Yes.  Lymphatic Drainage massage and detox body wraps will help move stored toxins and fluid into the lymph system for elimination.  Ultrasound fat cavitation and RF skin tightening work well together to break up stubborn fibrous fatty tissue, destroy unnecessary fat cells (usually created in pregnancy) and melt fat to be eliminated by the lymph system.

Approximately 70% of your weight loss will be directly related to what you eat.  “The Biggest Loser” style weight loss regime is unrealistic for most of us with our busy lifestyles and family responsibilities.  At Soho Skin Management we encourage a balanced view of food and exercise and provide professional weight loss treatments that give added assistance to those who have physical impairments which prevent them from participating in traditional exercise based weight loss routines.

*There is no guarantee of specific outcomes.  Results may vary from person to person.