Clinical Medi Peels

Medi Peels are our specialty.  All our expert skin therapists are educated & certified professionals with extensive training in skin analysis and treatment.  Let our experts guide you through our medi peel selection to find the peel & accompanying skincare to help you reach your skin health goals.*

Gentle Skin Resurfacing

We have a peel for all skin types & concerns.

Instant Skin Brightening*

Look your best for that special occasion with smooth, glowing skin.

Advanced Laser Options

Advanced peeling options for smooth, refined skin.

IPL, Elos & Fractional Laser

Maree will customize your peel for superior anti-aging results.*

Dramatic Skin Resurfacing*

Chip away at years of damage quickly.*

Skin Refining With Expert Care

Our Expert Skin Professionals will help reveal a more youthful you.*

Superficial Medi Peels

Natural, clinical grade medi peels that require no prior skin preparation.  All listed superficial peels are performed on Face, Neck & Decolletage.  Add Microdermabrasion to your treatment for even better results.*

Metabolic or Anabolic chemical peels work to restructure and repair the skins functions on a dermal level as well as shed multiple layers of dead skin cells on the surface.  Performed monthly, they are ideal for all imbalanced skin conditions requiring long term, progressive improvement.*

Chemical Medi Peels

The celebrity choice for eternally flawless skin.  Chirally correct, concentrated metabolic chemical medi peels for the face deliver maximum results with minimal discomfort.  Some skin preparation is required 2 weeks prior to commencing peeling course.*

Abrasion Peels are ideal for skin prone to allergies to cosmetic ingredients.  They use external trauma to rapidly speed up cellular renewal, skin texture refining and increase the production of natural moisturising factor.*

Clinical Abrasion Peels

Physical, manual, herbal and medical microdermabrasion based advanced skin peels to soften, stimulate anti-aging, refine and smooth the skins surface.*

Advanced Clinical Microdermabrasion

Mud Therapy is not just good for detoxifying pores.  It will remineralize the skin to help it withstand pollution and environmental aggressors.*  Try adding this to your next peel or microdermabrasion treatment.

Medi Peel Enhancers

Medi Peel FAQ’s

Superficial peels require no skin preparation prior to treatment and work on the surface (epidermis) to slough away dulling dead skin cells. In most cases there is little to no downtime post peel, only illuminated skin.

Metabolic peels work on the deeper epidermis and in some cased the dermis to effect positive skin changes over a period of 1 month. By not only sloughing away dead skin cells these peels contain ingredients that work with the skins natural anti aging processes to speed them up or in some cases of over production eg. excessive pigmentation and oil production, they will slow them down. These peels generally require pre treatment consultation and specific home care products to acclimatise the skin to the high strength ingredients in the peel.

This depends on the reason for your peeling session. A superficial peel, such as the Lactobotanical Peel, will give you a smooth, hydrated complexion to act as the perfect canvas for your makeup application if you have an event to attend. A metabolic peel, such as Jungle Brew, will help to reduce excessive oil production over time whilst it sloughs away congestion on the surface and in the pore. This is the best peel for acne, blackheads and breakout. It is always best to take the time to have a consultation with a skin professional to ascertain the right treatment option for you.

Due to the activity of medical grade peels you will notice a little tingling or discomfort initially with all peels.  Metabolic peels work over a number of days so you may have a little dry, flakey skin we call down time.  This usually is addressed with post treatment hydrators and corrects itself in a week.

The Deep Sea Peel and the Purple Peel both carry some treatment discomfort of stinging or heating.  This does subside over time but you will be rewarded for your bravery with smooth, plump skin in approximately 14 – 21 days.

As with any resurfacing treatment the skin will respond with a measure of shock and dryness.  Most tolerate this well with little complications if any.  Occassionally some will be more reactive and produce hystamines that can cause a hive reaction in the skin.  This can be alleviated with anti-hystamines and some clients will take an anti-hystamine prior to treatment if they know they are prone to hystamine reactions.  If you shed quite drastically you can be at risk of scarring and hyper pigmentation if you pick at the scabbing skin.  It is vital that you adhere to the pre and post treatment guidelines to ensure you get the best results from your medi peels with minimal risk.

There are some people who can not have medi peels:

  • Any one on Roacutane and some other medications.
  • Pregnant women can only have Lactobotanical, Blueberry Smoothie or Pomegranate Peel.
  • Any one who has had a resurfacing or cosmetic injectable treatment in the last 2 weeks.
  • Skin that has been exposed to extended sun exposure or solariums.
  • Any one with an impaired skin barrier.

*Results may vary from person to person.