Man Scaping Brisbane

The key to success is looking presentable.

Skin health is an expression of good manners and self respect.  Men’s skin has different needs to women’s so it is important to have facial treatments designed specifically for the unique conditions men experience.  Our range of manscaping facial & body treatments for men will help you achieve success through a clear, healthy & enviable skin.

Men's Skin Health Facials

Respect follows a well groomed man.

Real men have facials

We customize your facial to suit your unique skin type & concerns.

Exfoliation Is King

Removal of skin clogging debris is anti-aging.

Treatment Booster Intensifiers

Drive your treatment deeper into the skin for longer lasting results.

Smooth Skin Is Hydrated

Hydrated skin doesn't mean greasy skin.

Massage Relieves Skin Aging Stress

Smooth away expression lines with relaxation massage.

Men’s Facials

Getting results that give you confidence is what drives us.  All our facialist and skin health experts consult with you prior to tailor your facial treatment to target your specific skin concerns.

Men’s Body Treatments

Feel confident in your skin with a detoxifying spa body treatment.  Release toxins into the lymph to be eliminated, relieve muscular tension and relax the mind to be able to take on the world again.

Men’s Skin Health FAQ’s

Generally fresh skin cells take up to 30 days to die and lodge on the surface of your skin. If you have healthy skin without any imperfections it is best to have a facial every 4 – 6 weeks.

Obvious open pores with congestion is an indication of oily skin in need of deep cleansing. A Purity Deep Clean on a monthly basis may be all you need to help refine your pores. Your facialist will advise you on the correct skincare to use at home to maintain your in clinic results.

Purity Micro Refine is the best in clinic treatment for men who are prone to ingrown hairs and minor acne breakouts. This treatment will help clean out the pores and refine the surface for a clear opening for facial hair to escape.

Stress can cause the skin to be deplete of antioxidants. The Revitalizing Skin Ritual is best for you as the massage will relieve aging stress in the facial muscles and the antioxidant facial peel and booster infusions will revitalize your skin for a fresh and youthful glow. This is one monthly investment that will pay off in your later years.

If your job is a physical one your may be finding that the skin is retaining toxins, oil and dirt which is clogging up your pores. A Purity Body Wrap will detoxify and refine the skin to alleviate this problem whilst relieving the pressure that strenuous work has on the muscles, joints and spine.

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