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Meticulous Face & Body Waxing Salon in Wavell Heights, Chermside & Nundah with high quality natural skin loving preparations.  Book a waxing appointment online any time day or night.

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Pharo Sugaring + Adam & Eve Lavendar

Waxing Can Be Relaxing

Enjoy the time out while we make your skin silky smooth.

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More time means a meticulous result.

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Stress free zone makes your waxing visit a pleasurable experience.

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Brows, Chest, Back & Limbs

Our detailed waxing technique ensures a superior result.

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Safe, gentle waxing techniques and skin your want to show off.

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Waxing FAQ’s

Yes.  Both our Pharo Sugar Wax and Adam & Eve Lavender Hot Wax are gentle to the skin and allow it to recover quicker post waxing.

We ask that you leave your hair for at least 7 days after your last shave.  With-in this time your hair should have grown enough to wax.

Depending of how long it has been since your last Brazilian wax the time could be 20 – 40 mins.  Regular Brazilian appointments each month will keep the time down for you.

Yes.  Some medications can thin your skin or increase your risk of bruising.  Before taking any medication ask your doctor about the side effects so you are well informed prior to waxing.