Luxurious Day Spa Treatments

Ultimate Bliss.

Our skin health focused clinics in Wavell Heights & Banyo offer botanical, clinical grade spa treatments which are the perfect blend of relaxation rituals with high performance natural skincare.  All our day spa body treatments are performed by highly trained skin therapists, and always provide the ‘wow’ factor!…

Book a therapeutic massage or day spa body treatment appointment online any time day or night – Choose Banyo as your therapist in the online booking system to secure an appointment in our Banyo Beauty Salon.

De-Stress, Detox and Unwind

Pressure point & drainage relief for tired muscles.

Holistic Body Wellbeing

Massage is the oldest form of total body relaxation & waste elimination support.  Invest in your health with a monthly detox treatment.

Luxurious Rituals for Superior Relaxation

Drift away into a heavenly state of relaxation bliss.

The Total Luxury Experience for Mind & Body

Slow down the pace of life for total body stress relief.

Natural Botanicals Promote Skin Health

We only use natural, clinical grade skincare.

Natural & Organic Skin Correction

Cleanse, exfoliate and nourish for healthy, firm skin.

Body Treatment Menu

Relaxation Body Massage

Stress Relief for Well being with Therapeutic Body Massage.

*Whether you are looking for a gift, need to de-stress or have a recurring injury that causes you pain, relaxation body massage therapy is essential for softening tense muscles, eliminating toxins and reducing illness causing disorders. Invest in a relaxation massage every month and see the difference it can make to your well being.

Massage Therapy Promotes Body Balance

*Eliminate toxins, relieve skeletal & muscle tension.

Soothe, Relieve, Drain and Unwind.

*Support lymphatic elimination to relieve pressure causing fluid retention.

Natural Skin Loving Nourishment

Restore barrier protection with nourishing body oils.

Restore Essential Hydration with Aromatherapy.

*Essential oils promote balanced skin functions & stimulate natural hydration processes.

*Essential Stress Relief = Optimum Performance

Massage increases nutrient carrying blood flow.

Relieving Tired Muscles Supports Healthy Bones

*Spinal health and good posture begins with supple muscles.

Massage Menu

Body + Massage FAQ’s

Yes.  Acne is the result of the body having difficulty elimiating toxins.  A monthly body treatment will increase circulation to feed & repair the skin, promote lymphatic drainage of toxins lying deep within the skin, purify the pores and reduce stress that causes hormonal imbalances that lead to acne.

Massage is a time honored tradition in many cultures due to its ability to restore mind, emotion and body balance. Generally most people need to put time aside for themselves once a month to allow their body and mind to relax and unwind.

Appointments can be scheduled for 30, 60 or 90 minutes depending on the size of the area to be massaged and the condition of the muscles being treated.  This time allows for changing so the massage will be shorter than the full appointment allocation.

This depends on the type of cancer, where it is and the stage the cancer is in.  It is important to tell our reception staff about any cancer current or past before you schedule an appointment as you may need to acquire a letter of consent from your doctor before you can be massaged.

Yes, you may return to work after your treatment.  If mineral makeup application is required please notify your skin therapist as we will be more than happy to perform a quick makeup application for you.

*Please note: There are no guarantees.  Results may vary from person to person.