Facial Treatments

Facial treatments are a time honoured tradition in many cultures.  They have prepared princesses to be presentable for the king, have medicinal properties to cure skin ailments and sooth the emotions of the stressed and over worked.  Although times have changed the need for facial treatments has not.

At Soho Skin Management or Soho Skin Bar Banyo we believe that good skin health requires regular facial treatments to ensure your most important protective asset, the skin, is in it’s best barrier protection equilibrium.

Express Facials

Revive your skin & be out the door in as little as 15mins.

Facials, Peels & Microdermabrasion

Quick age defying skin cleansing treatments for those on the go.

Silky Smooth Skin

Regular facials shed skin damage & speed up cell renewal.

Smooth, Refine, Hydrate & Repair

Customized resurfacing ensures your skin gets exactly what it needs.

Natural Skin Solutions

We only use ethical, clinical & natural skincare in our facials.

Topical Nutrients for Skin Health

Applied directly to the skin fruit acids & skin boosters contain skin health essentials.

Professional Consultation

Skin Peels

No vanity here.  Fruit acid peels have been a staple skin health treatment for more than 20 years.  A monthly skin peel will leave your skin fresh, clean and ready to receive age defying nutrition.  This is one habit you will be grateful for when you look fantastic in your 60’s.

Fruit acid and enzyme skin peels are the quickest and non invasive way to brighten, hydrate and smooth out the skin.  With a variety of AHA, BHA, Vitamin, Glycolic, Lactic and Enzymatic Skin Peels to choose from, our skin therapists will customize your peeling treatment to suit your needs.


When surface facial scrubs are not enough.  Diamond microdermabrasion is a popular skin health treatment for oily & congested skin types due to its ability to reduce blackheads. * Pores are refined, toxins are drained and surface scar tissue is faded to reveal healthy skin cells ready to benefit from skin balancing serums & lotions.

*Smooth away dead skin, irregular texture and deeply clean the pores with our bespoke microdermabrasion facials.  We will reveal fresh, illuminated and refined skin in no time.

Microdermabrasion Facials

Microdermabrasion Enhancers

Signature Facials

Maree Andersen & The Soho Philosophy – Clinical results can be achieved without compromising the spa facial experience.

Our Signature Facials in Brisbane have been designed to address your skin health concerns while allowing you to relax and unwind with traditional beauty rituals.  We provide all facial treatments from acne extraction facials thru to luxurious, aromatic relaxation facials.

Express Facials

Facial FAQ’s

As the skin regenerates and produces fresh skin cells daily you will find that most often healthy skin is in need of a professional facial treatment every 30 days. This allows your facialist to assess your skin for hormonal and environmental changes that can affect the balance and health of your skin.

Our facialists are skilled skin professionals with certifications in anatomy & histology of the skin.  This knowledge enables them to ascertain the source of any arising skin conditions and concerns and chose the the facial treatment best suited to your specific needs.

We know life can be hectic so we have quick 10 min medi peels that mean you can have your clinical skin peel each month quicker than it takes to order a cup of coffee and enjoy it.

One Luxury Facial, for instance, will certainly brighten your skin and highlight your eyes.  In order to keep the skin and brows tidy you will need to have repeat treatments every 4 – 6 weeks and use skincare prescribed for your skin needs to look your healthy best.

Yes, in order to get the most value out of your weekly, fortnightly or monthly skin, nail, waxing and brow treatments you can purchase a course of 6 treatments for a 25% discount.  You are welcome to do this from your first visit.

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*Results may vary from person to person.