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Maree Andersen is a Clinical Facialist and Makeup Artist with more than 25 years experience in the Beauty, Photographic and Bridal Industries. Her passion for holistic skin health has given her a reputation for being one of the leading skin correction specialists in Brisbane. Treating acne and scarring with clinical peels, skin needling and laser rejuvenation therapist are her specialty as Maree knows first hand the pain and confidence draining effects acne can have self confidence. Maree prides herself on being up to date with the latest skin treatments, devices and ingredients to ensure all her clients are receiving the best non toxic and non invasive options available.

Awaken Youthful Skin – Clinical LED Light Therapy

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Natural and non invasive treatments for acne and aging concerns have become all the rage.  I can see why.  With so many busy people wanting more relaxing rejuvenation alternatives, surgical procedures are becoming the second choice. Clinical LED light therapy is the right combination of clinical actives stimulated by LED light therapy. You [...]

Party Season Summer Skin Survival Tips

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It’s that time again, silly season.  We are all tired from a hectic work year and looking forward to some rest and relaxation with our friends the loved ones.  With the summer heat, parties and lack of sleep ahead, how do you keep your skin looking fresh and clean? Here are my top [...]

Skin Resurfacing – The Key To Smooth, Youthful Skin.

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Have you ever wondered what it is that some stunning celebrities do to maintain their flawlessly smooth and youthful skin, they almost appear ageless.  The answer is regular skin resurfacing. Skin Resurfacing is the use of chemical, physical or laser device treatments to remove the top layers of dry, dead and damaged skin [...]

Metabolic Peels…. More Than Just Exfoliation.

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What is a metabolic peel??? Metabolic or Anabolic Peels are sophisticated and highly potent skin peeling preparations with chirally correct ingredients. They are designed to work with the skin to balance naturally occurring skin functions from within.  Some are quite uncomfortable on application but others are very comfortable with little to no irritiation. [...]

To Blade Or Not To Blade? What are the side effects of Dermaplaning

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The wonder of Epiblading, Dermaplaning, Epidermal Levelling or Dermal Edge Peel. Epiblading is latest treatment to be promoted by the lovely Zoe Foster Blake.  Is it for you? As one of my most sort after treatments, Epiblading has everything going for it.  It’s affordable, tick, painless hair removal, tick, silky smooth skin, tick.  [...]