Bridal Skin Package Brisbane

Planning to look your best for your wedding can be a little daunting. Is seems a Bridal Skin Package is advertised everywhere. Which professionals do you seek for assistance? What work is needed to have glowing skin health?  How can you choose a bridal skin package?

One of the latest trends in Brisbane for super smooth and radiant bridal skin is Dermaplaning.

Why Dermaplaning?

Enlisted by celebrities for many years like Carrie Underwood, Renee Zellweger &  Zoe Foster Blake. The phenomenon of dermaplaning facials keep your skin super smooth for the perfect camera finish.

As one of my most sort after treatments, our Scrape & Define dermaplaning facial has everything going for it.  Economically, this provides you with affordable, painless hair removal.  Achieve silky smooth, hydrated skin and a flawless complexion with monthly treatments.  Our Scrape & Define is a seriously addictive facial.

Please note: If you have a reactive or fragile skin prone to hives when you exfoliate or wax, please give this facial a miss.  Alternatively we can offer you other facial programs to suit your skin condition.  Otherwise, when it come to dermaplaning all other skin types have a green light to go.

So, what will you experience from a luxury Scrape & Define dermaplaning facial:

  1. Deeply Clean Skin: We perform a concentrated organic cleansing procedure to deeply clean and sterilize your skin for a safe and effective dermaplaning facial.
  2. Hair Free Perfection: There is no need to worry about your hair returning thicker. Fine hair, AKA “peach fuzz”, will only become darker from hormonal imbalances. Shaving vellus hair does not make it grow back darker.  You can enjoy a hair free complexion for around a month post treatment.
  3. Smooth, refined skin: Pores are refined, surface dry skin and pigment is whisked away with rugged scarring being levelled out.  As an added bonus wrinkle depth and fine lines are reduced.  What more could you want from a facial?
  4. Luxurious massage: After this rigorous workout your skin deserves some TLC. We apply a soothing mask & perform a nourishing spa massage infusion of vitamins, minerals and essential nutrients.

How many days before wedding should you get a Dermaplaning facial?

Book your final Scrape & Define dermaplaning facial 2 weeks before the wedding and schedule a Balance and Glow LED facial the day before the wedding to have, smooth, hydrated and glowing skin.

Monthly Scrape & Define dermaplaning facials with LED achieve the best results.  Hence, being committed to this 6 month program facial contours are being tightened and lifted.  Collagen is produced in the deeper dermal layers ensuring a youthful and radiant glow.

Start booking monthly Scrape & Define dermaplaning facials 6 months before the wedding.  Start saving from as little as $200 when you purchase our bridal skin package including 6 x Scrape and Define dermaplaning facials with LED for $1000.

One last thing.  Make sure the clinic you choose has experienced and certified staff.  There is, as always, a risk of nicks and scratches so don’t be alarmed. You will experience a little dry, tight and flaky skin for a few days after your treatment.  Going to an experienced & certified professional, like our specialist skin therapists at Soho Skin Rejuvenation, will reduce the post treatment down time dramatically.

For more information on bridal skin health arrange a consultation with our specialist skin therapists. Alternatively, you can discuss your individual skin needs with them.  Find us on Level 2, Westfield Chermside near the cinemas. Alternatively you can call us on 1300 21 7646 to book your complimentary observ skin imaging assessment or first Scrape & Define dermaplaning facial.