Is it ok to mix serums?

Is it ok to mix serums?  Yes is the short answer to this question.

I am an avid lover of serum mixology.  The mixing of serums to treat specific skin concerns.  I love to lavish my, often dull and dehydrated skin, with lashings of antioxidants, vitamins,  skin firming actives and hyaluronic acid. Why you may ask?? Because my skin looks and feels so much better when I do.  Our skin is also the last place to receive essential nutrients from our food, so we need to apply these nutrients directly.  I also really love the ritual of massaging luscious formulations into my skin. This is amazingly good for my mental state.

Can I use multiple serums on my face?

Yes, but there are some guidelines to prevent over usage, irritation, allergies and reactivity.

  • Never mix brands – Each brand has chemical compounds that only work with their products.  If you mix dermalogica with Aspect or Cosmedix you may cause a severe reaction within your skin.  This is because of the incompatibility of the opposing brands ingredients and complexes.  If you have 2 different brands in your cabinet, use dermalogica eg. in the morning and Cosmedix at night, for instance.
  • Do not mix AHA/BHA serums with Retinol – Retinol is an essential vitamin for healthy skin, but it is extremely active & resurfacing so only use it on it’s own.  Retinol will only cause irritation if you apply it (AT NIGHT ONLY PLEASE) with an exfoliating AHA/BHA serum.  Instead, alternate these serums so you can get the full benefit of each formulation, without causing unnecessary over exfoliation.
  • Cleanse and Tone/Lotion first – You will use half as much product if you apply your serums onto a clean, moistened skin. My personal favorite lotion is the *Germaine de Capuccini Essential Toning Lotion.  This a hyaluronic acid lotion that simply saturates your skin with moisture.  This drives your serum actives deeper to work where they are needed most.

Can I mix my serum into my moisturizer?

Yes, this will increase the treatment value of your moisturizer & speed up your skincare regime in the morning.  The added benefit, is the reduced amount of serum you use, making your serum last longer and be more economical.

Can I mix vitamin serums together?

Yes, Vitamin B and vitamin C go very well together.  In fact, if you were to use these two vitamins together each morning you will find that your skin will sustain less free radical damage from the sun.  Just be sure to use a good sunscreen, like Aspect Envirostat or Eminence Bright Skin SPF, each day to increase your protection from the harsh UVA and UVB rays.  Unless the skincare brand you use advises the mixing of Vitamin C and Vitamin A together it is best a avoid mixing them.  I find that many people just can’t tolerate these 2 highly active vitamins together on their skin.

Can I mix a firming serum with a lifting serum?

Within the same skincare brand this can be very beneficial.  I personally love to mix my *Germaine de Capucini SRNS serum with my Germaine de Capuccini Vector Lift serum each night.  This way my skin has all the ingredients it needs to repair, hydrate & feed my dehydrated barrier as well as lift and firm my facial contours.

Can I mix my The Beauty Chef inner health products together?

Yes. I love to mix the Collagen, Glow and Cleanse in the morning with 400ml of water and then Hydration with the Sleep at night about 30mins before I go to bed.  These combinations helped me to clear my Acne Rosacea for good!!

Happy mixology!!  If you have any questions about your current skin health, or would like an expert opinion on skin repair, acne, scarring and anti-aging please feel free to send me an email or book a treatment assessment with me in the clinic to discuss your concerns or requirements.

*Germaine De Capuccini is available in our Westfield Chermside Skin Clinic & Facial Spa.