The beauty, skin and makeup industry has changed so dramatically over the last 29 years since I graduated from makeup artistry.  Once upon a time treatment for acne was harsh and invasive, whilst toxic makeup preparations were the only option for being presentable in the public eye.  Non-toxic, mineral based makeup products are no longer considered to be optional in today’s society.  Universally, educated individuals are now demanding that makeup houses provide them with healthy makeup alternatives.  So we now see, like a breath of fresh air, many companies offering non-toxic, skin loving makeup preparations that actually treat your skin while you wear them.

Some of the common minerals found in mineral makeup and their benefits:

Titanium Dioxide :  A white, sand like material that has sun reflective properties. Ideal as a natural UV filter and used as a whitening agent.

Zinc Oxide : Zinc is an essential skin health mineral that heals damaged skin, including scar tissue, and has a natural SPF factor filtering both UVA and UVB.  It is your skin health treatment and sun protector in one.  This is the ingredient that stops acne cosmetica.  If you experience constant redness and breakouts on your cheeks, your makeup is the likely cause.  Swap to mineral makeup to see your skin heal and recover.

Iron Oxides : When applied to the skin iron oxides are considered safe for makeup use. These naturally occurring pigmented minerals are blended to create the unique colour shades to match your skins natural tone or added to blush & eye shadows for bolder colours.  Natural iron oxides are used in better quality and organic makeup preparations, but a synthetic version is often used in the less expensive brands.  Quite often the price you pay does matter in the natural cosmetics industry.

Mica : This mineral is considered to be safe for all skin types and creates a natural, lite from within, shine and radiance to the skin. A real favourite with organic makeup lines.

Bismuth : There is a bit of controversy around this heavy metal used as a white pigment in makeup preparations.  On the periodic table is sits in what can be called the “poisoner’s corridor” with lead, arsenic, mercury & radium sitting beside it.  Although the small amounts found in makeup are considered to be safe, some makeup houses have chosen to remove it from their products to give their customers a sense of safety and ease.

Some of my favourite brands for skin loving mineral makeups:

ASAP Pure :  An Australian cosmeceutical company dedicated to providing affordable skin treatment based cosmetics. They have added natural hydration protection complexes & ingredients to ensure a longer lasting wear for those with a busy lifestyle.

Priori Minerals : Priori takes treatment makeup to the next level by adding naturally derived concentrated ingredients to fade pigmentation, reduce redness all whilst preventing sun damage and free radical aging.  If you struggle with sun induced pigmentation you will love this makeup.

Youngblood : Makeup artist quality and coverage with the added benefit of being gentle enough to apply post laser or skin peeling in the salon.

Inika Organics : The naturalist’s choice for flawless makeup with ethical and safety conscious formulas.

Colorescience : A sophisticated clinical makeup line designed to reduce irritation, repair the skins natural barrier and create balanced skin health.  A definite favourite with reactive and allergy prone skin types.

So think twice before you purchase any makeup that does not contain natural mineral preparations.  Harsh chemical based cosmetics will only age you more quickly, even worse if you are in the habit of not double cleansing off your makeup each night.  Mineral makeup allows the skin to breathe and has essential skin treatment properties.  It is an investment in your future skin health.