Want the hollywood glow?  Here are the latest hollywood facial trends that will see you looking fabulous for Summer.

Smooth, glowing and ageless looking skin is our specialty.  I have been performing Hollywood facials for years now transforming under active and sluggish skins into visions of radiant health.

In order to create the perfect canvas for studio makeup there are a few things celebrities need to be committed to if they want to get the most out of their clinical facial routine, here they are:

Inner Gut Health:  All Hollywood celebrities need to value their health to ensure they look fantastic and their performance is always exceptional.  A nutritious diet, inner health supplements and plenty of activity, sleep & water are definitely on the menu.  You can not have radiant skin if your inner gut health is out of balance. Come see us to find the suitable blend of The Beauty Chef supplements to nurture your gut health & nourish your skin from within.

LED Light Therapy Facials: Michelle Obama, Jennifer Lopez and Oprah have been reported to have regular LED facials to boost their skin radiance and stimulate age defying collagen synthesis. Our Balance & Glow facial treatment is a comfortable & relaxing way to speed up scarring repair, acne reduction, pigment brightening and anti-aging wrinkle reduction.

The Vampire Facial: Kim Kardashian is an avid supporter of the Vampire facial and her flawless complexion is testament to this addiction.  Our EGF Collagen Facial is the non blood version we use in our clinic.  It is comprised in part of Clinical Skin Needling and Epidermal Growth Factor infusion (AKA Mesotherapy) to achieve the same smooth skin, resurfacing results without the cost, mess or fuss of platelet rich plasma (PRP) processing.  This treatment is ideal for speeding up pitted & surgical scarring repair, enlarged pore tightening, surface sun damage removal, rough texture smoothing & wrinkle depth reduction.

Laser Facials: If regular visits to the skin clinic are not on the cards your best option is the Red Carpet Ready Facial.  In this treatment we gently resurface your skin, infuse it with skin brightening and anti-aging peptides and activate natural production of Hyaluronic Acid, Collagen and Elastin with non invasive IPL technology to plump, firm and smooth the skin from the dermis to the surface.  The anti-aging stimulating results of a Red Carpet Ready Facial will last from 1 – 3 months depending on the quality of the daily skincare you are using at home to stimulate anti-aging processes.  A very good option for the time poor.

Fire & Ice Peel:  A clinical grade, layered peel focused on stimulating internal detoxification functions and increasing surface imperfection removal.  A favorite with the naturalists in Hollywood, we use non-toxic natural enzymes, spices and fruit acid blends on the skin to heat it up, increasing circulation to the skin which both detoxifies and nourishes the skin from within.  The next process is to drain off trapped fluid, cool the skin down and hydrate the surface to create a smooth, plump complexion.  The skin can remain a little pink for a few hours post treatment, but the results with every peel is well worth it when you notice the anti-aging and texture smoothing results accumulating after each peel.

If you are uncertain on which facial is best for you, make an appointment for a Skin Health Assessment so one of our expert skin therapists or dermal therapists can perform a detailed skin analysis & discuss your skin health goals with you.  They will advise you on the best course of treatment for your desired results.