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I love IPL Pigmentation Removal in Winter!!!

Why you ask?  The cold weather helps your skin recover quickly from the heat IPL creates within your skin.

As fun as Summer is with the beach and outdoor activities it does leave us with blotchy, dark patches of sun damage that can only be removed with Skin Peels, Laser and IPL.

I prefer IPL over Laser. Why?  IPL is non invasive and can be adjusted to suit your specific skin needs.  Many single beam laser systems have a set light frequency and can not be adjusted to get the full scope of treatment potential for pigmentation, especially if they are mainly targeting hair reduction.

Here are 5 reasons why you should have IPL Pigmentation Treatment in Winter:

1 – Cool Weather = quicker recovery and less risk of heat induced side effects : The combination of specific light frequency and heat draws hyper-pigmentation to the surface so the skin can rapidly remove the pigmented skin cells via the natural exfoliation process.  The problem with performing IPL in summer is that our temperatures in summer are so very hot and this will only cause the skin to continue heating up once you leave the skin clinic, even worse when you hop into your hot car.  I always recommend my clients to be patient.  Wait for Winter to treat your pigmentation to prevent post treatment blistering and burning from environmental heat exposure.

2 – Less Exposure to the Sun.  Sun exposure is the #1 enemy to results with IPL :  All good skin therapists will ensure their clients are educated on the pre and post IPL treatment guidelines and the importance of avoiding long term exposure to the sun before and after treatment.  Even though the sun in winter is no where near as harsh as Summer, you must always wear SPF 50 + sunscreen, even if you are not in the sun too often.  Layer your face with skincare and makeup containing SPF if you need to so you are protected through out the day. Most mineral makeup contains SPF 15 with natural zinc oxide or titanium dioxide to protect your skin from the sun.

3 – A more comfortable treatment experience :  Winter skin is virgin skin, that is it has been out of the sun for some time and has had a chance to reach a measure of skin tone, colour balance.  Tanned skin will always feel the heat more than virgin skin so you will enjoy the downtime you experience with this treatment more in winter.

4 – Prepare your skin to look fantastic for Summer :  For the first 2 weeks after IPL you will notice your skin can be a little blotchy, dry and even flakey.  This is normal and is needed to remove the pigmented skin and replace it with fresh, health skin cells.  So those winter jumpers, long sleeves and coats come in handy to cover this up on your body and protect your skin from the sun while it is recovering to look hot for summer.

5 – IPL takes time to change your skin : You will find that most medical grade treatments will take 4 – 6 weeks to show the benefits of clinical reprogramming on the skin.  IPL, Laser, RF and Medi Peels improve the skin over time so it makes sense to have these more intensive treatments in winter so your skin looks fantastic in summer when you want to show it off.


What skincare is best to use with IPL pigmentation treatment?


I have some favorite pigmentation skincare product recommendations that compliment IPL Pigmentation Removal really well. Some are very affordable basic cosmeceutical items and others are worth their weight in gold if you can afford a higher price bracket Clinical Grade items.


Skinstitut Laser Aid :  An affordable soothing and hydrating cream that ensures your skin can recover post treatment without feeling greasy or overly dry.


ASAP Gentle Cleanser :  An affordable all purpose gel cleanser that removes makeup whilst soothing and calming the skin.


SkinMedica Lytera :  Literally the best skin brightening serum on the market.  Just search internet reviews to see how fantastic this product is for reversing hyper-pigmentation and preventing it.


Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant :  A cult favorite for good reason.  A very gentle skin brightening exfoliant that will help lift the post treatment browning quickly without causing irritation.


Skinstitut Age Defence SPF 50 :  The only chemical sunscreen that gives your skin full protection without allowing toxins to seep into the skin.  This product will hold the sun and chemical sunscreen toxins on the surface to be washed away later in the day.